Goodyear 195/65 R15 91V

Brand:  جوديير
  الوقت المتوقع للتوصيل: أبريل 07 – أبريل 08

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391.00 ر.س

Origin Poland Year of Production 2021

Goodyear 195/65 R15 91V


Active Braking Technology

Combining a 3 Dimensional Block Design and Advanced Racing Derived Compound increases the road contact under braking conditions, providing shorter stopping distances on wet and dry roads.

Lower Tire Weight

Reduces the vehicle’s unsprang mass the same way alloy rims do vs. steel rims, to enable the tire to follow the

road’s surface contours more closely, improving steering precision and dry handling.
Fuel Saving Technology

Less material in the tire and lower heat generation reduces rolling resistance, which can help to reduce fuel

consumption and save you money.”
The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV tire has been developed for advanced high-performance crossover and sport utility vehicles.

  • The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV’s tread compound combines Goodyear race traction resins for dry grip, high surface silica for wet traction and high molecular weight polymers to optimize tread stiffness. Active Braking Technology 3-dimensional tread element designs increase surface contact with the road to reduce stopping distances during heavy braking, while its wide circumferential grooves disperse water from the tire footprint.
  • OE of choice for the Porsche Macan and Audi Q7.

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