Goodyear 275/30 R19 96Y

Brand:  جوديير
  الوقت المتوقع للتوصيل: أبريل 06 – أبريل 07

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1,533.33 ر.س

Origin Germany Year of Production 2021

Goodyear 275/30 R19 96Y


Active Corner grip Technology

Result is high performance and enhanced control

Racing Compound Technology

Tread stiffness is optimized to provide better tracking & grip

Pitching Sequence

Tread block sizes & staggered tread block arrangement ensure a smooth, quiet ride

  • Cars never stop evolving.
  • Todays high performance vehicles are more luxurious and intelligent than ever before.
  • They are also faster and heavier. The challenge to our engineers was to develop a tire that could control these powerful modern vehicles, without loss of performance.
  • The result was the Eagle F1 Asymmetric.
  • Combining our revolutionary Active Corner grip Technology and Racing Compound Technology, the pressure is evenly distributed when cornering at high speeds, meaning more of the contact patch connects with the road more of the time, generating better grip.

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